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Heroin and Opiate Crimes

​Heroin defense attorneys are criminal lawyers who represent individuals accused of (or suspected of) drug crimes involving heroin.  These are extremely serious charges given all of the negative attention in the press about deaths and addiction.  Heroin and opiate crimes include: Possession Possession with intent to sell or distribute, or  Manufacture (note: delivery only means giving it to someone else; it is the same potential penalty if you sell it).

Heroin, morphine, opium, codeine, or any of the other opiates are some of the most addictive drugs available and account for a great deal of criminal activity in the U.S. Derived from poppy flowers grown in Afghanistan, South America, and other places, heroin is a multi-billion-dollar industry. If you are at the end of the supply chain for heroin or at any stop along the way, you need a knowledgeable heroin defense lawyer to protect your legal rights.In particular, if you have been accused of a heroin crime by a law enforcement agency (e.g., local police, the DEA, Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, ICE, or the Coast Guard), they will want to question you regarding your involvement in this crime. It's very important that you have a heroin defense attorney present when you are interrogated.


​Other problems that have been associated with Heroin and Opium are the drug overdoses that cause injury or death.  Attorney Christopher Kuehn handled the first heroin homicide in Walworth County.  He is very familiar with all forms of drug defense.  We have handled cases in Walworth County where relatively minor amounts of heroin were used to try to establish that our client was "intending to deliver" when it was only a personal use amount.  We follow the basic tenets of how we deal with any Drug Crimes.  

Penalties for Heroin Offenses

Wisconsin and the federal government have heroin-related laws that spell out the specific aspects of the crimes plus the potential punishment. At Kuehn & Flitcroft we have the extensive knowledge of Wisconsin and federal heroin statutes that will enable us to tell you what you can expect from the criminal justice system in which you've become involved.

The possible penalties for heroin offenses include:

​Suspension or revocation of your driver's license 
Loss of the ability to obtain student loans 
Mandatory drug counseling 
Jail and/or prison time 
Factors that Affect Heroin Penalties

The potential penalties for heroin crimes depend on a number of factors, including:

Whether the heroin offense is in Wisconsin Circuit Court or federal court
The prior criminal history of the accused, including any convictions involving heroin or another illegal drug 
How much heroin was involved (the greater the amount, the higher the likely penalties)
Whether an intent to sell or distribute the heroin can be established by the prosecutor
Whether a minor (a person under 18 years old) was involved in the offense in any way
Whether someone was injured or killed as a result of an overdose Whether they found spoons, balloons, syringes, straws, or none of those things
History of treatment

Walworth County has had numerous people die from heroin overdoses, and local law enforcement has made it fairly clear that they want to crack down on heroin and opiate usage.  Local judges will not hesitate to impose a long prison sentence if you do not have the right attorney to help protect your rights if you are found guilty.  This is the reason you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights as well as your future.