Kuehn and Flitcroft

​​Criminal, divorce and family law attorneys

When a legal matter affects your family, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer — someone who can protect your interests while helping you resolve matters quickly and effectively. At Kuehn & Flitcroft, this is our goal. Our attorneys use years of experience and innovative problem solving to create solutions for our clients. The results? We have a record of favorable outcomes for clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our law firm handles a broad spectrum of family law matters, including the ones listed below:

•    Divorce
•    Alimony
•    Child support
•    Child custody and child placement
•    Domestic violence
•    Stepparent and relative adoptions
•    Modifications of existing agreements
•    Grandparents' rights
•    Guardianships

Because the lawyers at  Kuehn & Flitcroft handle both family law and criminal defense matters, we can handle all aspects of your child concealment, child abuse, or domestic violence case. Our lawyers will work together to get the best possible results for you, with one attorney handling the family law matters, including child custody and divorce, and another handling your criminal defense.

Divorce in Wisconsin

​At Kuehn & Flitcroft, we handle the full spectrum of divorce cases, from simple divorces that only require an attorney's assistance for drafting and filing the paperwork, to contested divorces with multimillion-dollar marital estates in dispute. Regardless of how straightforward or complex your case is, doing a good job for you is our top priority.  First and foremost, we value personal service for the people we represent. We protect the best interests of our clients throughout the divorce process. We are ready and willing to take aggressive action, but this is not always necessary. Sometimes, the best solutions are reached through negotiation and mutual problem solving. We often encourage our clients to work out issues amicably, especially if there are children involved. Of course, this approach is not always possible — especially if domestic violence is involved. We tailor our approach to your situation and make sure to do what is right for you and your family. Agreements regarding child custody and child placement are especially important.

​ At Kuehn & Flitcroft, it is our job to get every client the most time possible with his or her children.